Web Design

Web Design

All Businesses, Organisations, People of Note, and professionals should have a website.  It is essential in 2017.  No excuses.  It is not expensive, and it does not take too much time.  Websites need to be updated regularly.  The styles of sites change regularly.  What was in vogue even 2 years ago, is definitely not in vogue now.  You website needs to be fresh and exciting.  We also offer re-designs of existing websites, or replications of another site.

So you need a website.  Below are the questions that we discuss with you, if you are considering employing us to do your site.  Feel free to call at anytime to explore what you need and get  a no obligation quote.  Should you require ongoing support after the site is launched, then we do provide that on a retainer basis, or by the task.

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What is your Timeframe?  When do you require the website to be completed by?

How long are you hoping it will take?
The time taken to complete your website, will depend on the size of your website (number of pages or links) and the complexity of features required.
A five page brochure style website can take  just 24 hours.

What is your budget?
Website prices vary from £180 to £2400.

What style of website do you require? Brochure  or ECommerce.  What are you hoping that it will

Do you have a colour scheme in mind?

How many pages/links would you like your website to contain?

What Features do you require in your website?  Choose from below.

  • Simple Brochure Style
  • Blog
  • Easy update Content Management System
  • Newsletter
  • Email Capture to grow mailing list.
  • Research
  • Articles
  • ECommerce  Shop
  • Interviews
  • Video Links
  • Image Gallery
  • Data Capture Forms
  • Database
  • Directory
  • Survey
  • List Building Integration
  • Social Media links
  • Twitter Feed
  • Facebook Business Page Set up and Connection
  • Language Translation Capabilities
  • Website Launch Ideas
  • Animation
  • Storyboard
  • SEO
  • Regular Updates
  • Marketing Plan for the website once it is complete
  • Other UNIQUE features from an idea you have dreamed up.