Upwards Publishing Marketing & Digital Solutions (UPMDs) is is happy to fulfil your needs. Do take note of our Terms and Conditions.

  1. Consultations are offered for free to any person wishing to use the services of UPMDs,  A preliminary conversation can help to avoid misunderstandings.  Call 07960 932 860.
  2. Our services are off-the-shelf as described in the Marketing Mall, Website or Books page.  Bespoke orders can be arranged.
  3. Orders should be confirmed in writing via email or Text – or via an online purchase from our Marketing Mall.
  4. Invoices are raised for Business orders.
  5. The booking of a service or product is a contract and as such we take it seriously. A cancellation will still incur costs, as we may have started preparing your job, and turned down others as a consequence.
  6. Payment methods available include Paypal, or BACs.
  7. Full payment is required before the task is started, for services under the value of £200
  8. A 50% deposit is required to start any task over £200, The balance is payable on completion.
  9. Once the Clients deposit has been received a receipt will be issued by Upwards Publishing Marketing & Digital Solutions together with a formal confirmation letter
  10. For payments, where a deposit has previously been paid, the balance  must be received no later than 7 working days after the job is completed.
  11. Should Upwards Publishing Marketing & Digital Solutions be advised of any changes to requirements, we may reduce our invoice value, should our costs be reduced therefore. However should increases occur due to additional requirements, once full payment has already been received Upwards Publishing Marketing & Digital Solutions will raise an additional invoice payment will then be due for immediate settlement by the Client.
  12. In the unfortunate event of an order having to be cancelled, your deposit minus 20% will be refunded.  20% is to allow for wasted time and preparation already done.
  13. If the project is an event, where food is concerned, Clients should inform UPMD about any guests with special dietary requirements or allergies. We cannot take responsibility for any guests.
  14. Upwards Publishing Marketing & Digital Solutions accepts no liability for any information provided in your marketing, or on your website which may cause offence.
  15. UPMDs will not work with businesses involved in pornography sites, racist sites, or hate speech.
  16. Where the Client has made additional arrangements with other Digital Service Suppliers, Upwards Publishing Marketing & Digital Solutions will require clear demarcation in the duties from other parties, so that there are no blurred lines.
  17. Upwards Publishing Marketing & Digital Solutions may sometimes offer discounts for services.  No refunds will be offered after a job has already been quoted for, and started.  However discounts can be applied for new orders for different services.