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Upwards Publishing, Marketing & Digital Solutions employs several methods to get your message across.  Our methods may make you jump for joy.


Digital Solutions involve the use of the internet, computers, tablets or mobiles to carry out the marketing of a business or project.  The process usually is cheaper, as it takes time and knowledge, but does not require the cost of printing or travelling.  Digital marketing is also quick and interactive.  People like to respond with comments or reviews.   A promotion campaign can be started in 5 minutes.

Visitors to your website are called Traffic.  How many people visit your website weekly?  What was the average daily number of people who visited  your website last month?   How long do they stay on your website?  What is your weekly page views/impressions?  Do you know the answers to these questions?  If not you need to ask your webmaster.    Check your Awstats, Webalizer and Google Analytics if it is installed on your website.

If you do not have a website, and would like us to create this for you, visit here…


We send Real Visitors to Your Website, Facebook Page, Event Page or YouTube Channel.

  • 2000 Visitors from Worldwide – £16
  • 2000 Visitors from a specific Country £19.50
  • 10,000 Visitors from Worldwide £72
  • 10,000 Visitors from a specific Country £95


Social Media Following

We promote your profile, so that people find you and CHOOSE to follow you based on your profile.  These followers are not bots (software programmes), but real people who are opting to follow you.  If Twitter finds that you have used bots, or you hired someone who uses bots, you can get your profile banned – never to be returned.  We do things the legal way which fits Twitter’s terms and conditions.


  • Set Up a Twitter Account with content, and acquire an initial 300 Followers  £60
  • Extra 500 Twitter Followers £50
  • Extra 1000 Twitter Followers £95


  • Set Up Facebook Page with content and acquire an initial 300 Followers  £60
  • Extra 500 Facebook Likes/Followers £50
  • Extra 1000 Facebook Likes/Followers £95

The same package is offered for Instagram and  Google Plus.


Social Media Campaigns

Twitter Promotions ……………

Twitter Blast to 200k Hashtag Your Product/Service/Event with images.

  • Twitter – One to Three Days £45
  • Twitter -Four to Seven Days £95
  • Twitter Plus Email drive – Two week (14 days) campaign – reach One Million plus – Call to discuss.

Facebook Promotions …………….

Facebook Blast to 300k Hashtag Your Product/Service/Event with images.

  • Facebook – One to Three Days £65
  • Facebook – Four to Seven Days £120
  • Facebook –  Plus Email drive – Two week campaign (14 days)  – reach One Million plus – Call to discuss.


Ongoing Social Media Management

Effective use of Social Media requires regular messages being sent out, and interactions with followers and those who comment or respond.  One message sent a occasionally  is ineffective.  UPMDs provides targeted promotions to people who are most likely to be your customers.

Light promotions to build brand awareness, and promote products, services. Up to 10 messages per day. £80 per month per profile.
Heavy duty promotion with 50 plus messages daily.  £360 per month per profile.


Banner or Text Promotions on Third Party Websites

1 Impression means the page that your ad appears on is in view on a screen.  Click through rate can be between 0.01 to 7%.  It depends on the banner or text content, and on what you are selling.  Appearing on third party websites which target the audience you are looking for can help people to find your product or service.  The busier a site is, the more exposure you will get.  Start small and work your way up.

The larger the banner, the more expensive the placement.

Pricing starts from £5 per month, on a site which gains about 5000 impressions per month.  Impressions are page views.
Standard Banners sizes in pixels are: 125 x 125,  468 x 60.

  • 5000  impressions  £5 per month
  • 20000  impressions £18 per month
  • 100k  impressions £80 per month

Large Banners sizes in pixels are:   729 x 90,  250 x 250. 160 x 600.  These would be placed on the top of the home page, or at the  top right side of the sidebar.  Front page top positions are more expensive as they command more visibility.

  • 5000  impressions  £7.50 per month
  • 20000  impressions £28 per month
  • 100k  impressions £120  per month

We can be employed to source relevant sites, and manage your banner placement and track effectiveness. The charge is £75 per week, plus the website charge for placing the banner(s) on their site.

Banner Creations

Design of 5 banners for your promotions – of any standard size is £20



Competitions, Surveys, Quizzes & Prizes

Much leverage can be gained by employing the use of fun things that people like to do.  Designing Competitions, Surveys or Quizzes, gives an opportunity to collect data from interested parties, or to find out what people are thinking about what you plan to offer.  Every likes to win a prize, and that is often offered as an incentive to complete a short survey.  Even if only one person wins out of 10,000,  it is still a magnet.

The cost for setting up a Competition, Survey or Quiz starts from £55
To promote, collate and analyse results starts from £75, depending on the size of the sample required.



Sales Calls

We will make Telephone Calls on your behalf, to promote your product or service.  The calls will provide warm leads for you, appointments or sales.

The charge for this service is:
£100 per 110 calls,  from a list on prospects that you provide.  An estimated 30 of those calls may need to be repeated  to account for people who are busy and want a call later, or telephone message follow ups.

£45 is charged if we  provide a list of 100  prospects for you, based on studying your product/service on your website, your competition, and social media.

Tabular responses are sent at the end of the day(s).
Results will include:

  • Responses: Yes/No/Maybe/Later (answers)
  • Contact name of relevant decision maker),
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Comments – where relevant.

More about Sales Calls


Graphic Design

Logo Design £30

Leaflets Design £60

Brochure or Small Booklet Design £120


Ad Campaign Design and Management

Management of Leaflet Printing and Delivery, £95 plus cost of printing and cost of delivery.

Management of Posters/Public Transport /Public place advertising – 15% of Total budget.

Management of Radio/TV advertising – 15% of Total budget.


Postal Marketing Pack

Create & Design Sales Letter & Brochure.  Send to Print.
Source Name and Address of Decision Makers and Buyers by the usse of Prior Email/Telephone Calls to the company.
Post out to 50 organisations with or without a marketing gift (gimic)
Cost: £145 or £95 if the client already has the Sales letter and Brochure printed.
Additional cost would be printing, packaging and  postage.


Taste & See – Marketing by Sampling

Food and Drink Businesses can boost their businesses by offering free tasters of their product.
We can set up sampling station in a store, office, exhibition, event or other venue.
The client should ship the product and marketing materials to the venue.
Products can be sold, there and then.
Marketing Materials required: Banner, Posters, Leaflets, Business Cards, Enquiry Forms
Equipment to be provided by the venue, or hired separately.  Client to cover that cost.
Equipment could include: Table, Chair, Microwave, Paper plates, Tasting Cups, Disposable Forks or Spoons, Napkins, Toothpicks
Cost £180 per day, plus travel expenses. £320 for 2 person station plus travel expenses.



All services required are invoiced, and  payable before the job starts.
Jobs, over the value of £200  are permitted to pay 50%  up front, and the balance on completion.

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