We can Publish your  Book or Ebook.  You have thought about it so LET US MAKE IT HAPPEN.  Costs are as little as £75.  Wherever in the world you are, we can publish for you.  

Upwards Publishing creates and publishes books as EBOOKS and PRINT books.  Books can be recorded as MP3s for audio books.

Authors can choose what level of service is required, dependent on their budget, and the income they would want from the book within the first year, both from book sales and speaking engagements.  Books can be sold in the following format.  Ebook, Paperback, Hardback or Audio Book.

Below is the detail of stages in our publishing process in terms of A, B and C.

A1. Preparing & Creating the Product (writing the book)

  • The Idea
  • Outline from Concept
  • Draft Manuscript
  • Research
  • Content building
  • Conclusion

A2. Writing and Preparing the book for you.

A1 is done for you, with the aid of your ideas.  Interviews, articles and recordings can be used to formulate your book.

B. Perfecting the Product

  • Images (if required)
  • Editing
  • Proof Reading (Repeat until happy)
  • Provide ISBN
  • Book Cover Design
  • Book Description and Keyword Engineering

C. Publishing

  • Formatting for Ebook Host: Amazon
  • Uploading to Ebook Host
  • After initial 3 months select programme, then format and upload to other ebook hosts such as kobo, ibook, nook etc.
  • Formatting for Print book
  • Send to Print after feedback from ebooks, and professional editorial.
  • Submissions to book authorities & directories

Why Publish?

Publishing is an expensive business, and takes much time and some expense.  Though some authors will make money, but not all do.  Take this as a disclaimer, that your book might not make you millions – or it may – who knows.  You may have a goal in mind.  Having a target is great.

Publishing a book may however be a life-long dream that you want to fulfil. You book could prove to be very useful and affect those who read it.  Your book(s) could also open new doors for you.

As a small publishing house, Upwards Publishing does not pay an advance to authors.  We can offer a full publishing contract to some authors.  Usually there is a contribution to the costs taken from authors upfront. (It is not the entire cost).


We publish your book at a fraction of what others are charging.  We can also publish to print within 2 months.  A timetable can be agreed at the start.

Ebooks take a much shorter time.  If you provide camera ready copy, an ebook can be published in 3 days.

We provide an ISBN Number and offer  Marketing Services as outlined here…
Book Titles from concept to publication can take as little as one month. The speed is dependent on the product and you – the writer.
Books can be converted to courses and Audiobooks. Do note that Ghostwriting Services are also  offered.


Publish your ebook, already written, camera ready. Cover designed if required.  Initial Marketing of  your book for the first week.  £75

Publish your book as an ebook and a printed book. ISBN number supplied. Camera Ready. £175. Five copies provided.  Further copies are offered from £3.95 per book to depending on size and length of book.

Edit & Publish as ebook and a printed book. £475, 10 copies provided.  Marketing for the first month inclusive.  Further copies of the book are offered from £3.95 per book to depending on size and length of book.

Co-write or Ghost write book. Quote provided. It depends on the size of the book and its subject matter. Prices start from £150 for children’s books and £600 for other books.


One of our writers has an Amazon Page here… 

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