Market Your Business or Kill Your Business

Market Your Business or Kill Your Business

Market Your Business or Kill Your Business

Are you of those entrepreneurs who has a business but think that marketing is not a priority?  Are you seriously one of those crazy people.  You may have a product, which actually is quite good.  But 99.97% of people do not know about it.  You may have a service, that people would rave about – because it is something they need.  But somehow it is the best kept secret.

Some people run their business like they are selling drugs.  It is being run as if it is illegal.  No one must know.  Only perhaps the chosen few.  “Lets hide what we are doing until it is successful.” This secrecy could continue for years.  But surely if you hide it – it won’t be a success.

No budget is set aside for marketing. – If you have to EAT LESS to spend money on marketing – then do that.  If you have to give up drinking to spend money on marketing – then do that.  If you need to keep back £50 to delay paying a bill to spend on marketing, with the view to earning £75 from that £50 you have spent – then surely the investment is worth it.  To invest £200 in marketing to earn £500 – is surely worth it.  To invest £5000 to earn £100,000 is a no-brainer.

The Business person is still using old fashion methods of marketing – by word of mouth.  This is becoming less effective – because newer more savvy customers will be asking – what is your website?  Is your business on Facebook?  Do you have a discount code?  Can I order online?    They will say I googled you but could not find you.

The business owner that has a similar ideas to you, and went on a Social Media Rampage – suddenly is getting many sales, and leaving you standing.  With Social Media – it is possible to do your own marketing and dominate a niche for little or nothing, but it takes Time.  Sometimes up to four hours a day.  But realistically perhaps you CAN spend 4 hours a day for 2 months to make your business POP.

Consider Shop A. I’ve seen the shop at a corner of a street in London that has been there for 20 years.  It looks it.  Nothing much has changed.  They have enough customers to keep everything ticking over.  It is a lifestyle business. The owner has just enough work, and has no intention of injecting any energy to grow the business.  They think its too much work and hassle to try to double or treble their income.

Consider Shop B. I’ve also seen another shop which started as a small shop serving a few customers.  Then they grew to take over the shop next door.  Then the shop across the road became theirs.  Then they opened branches elsewhere.  They provided franchising opportunities.  Within 5 years, their operation was worth millions of pounds. (Research the history of Pret, Starbucks)

Shop A and Shop B are selling similiar products.  What do you think went wrong? Well I can guarantee that Marketing was a top Priority of Shop B.  Other issues bugging Shop B is a Lack of vision, Poor Management & Diminishing Customer Base.   But I have to allow for the fact that for some – all they want is a little shop and nothing else.  This is  – admittedly – neither right nor wrong.  There is nothing morally wrong with business owners who want nothing to do with technology, emails, social media, discount codes,  youtube or radio ads.  Old school rules especially for business owners over a certain age.

But most people who start a business nowadays, have strong ambitions.  I presume you are one of those if you are reading this article.

So if you own a business, and don’t plan to do any marketing, because you don’t have the budget, or the time,  or you don’t know what to do – and you won’t research free help which is everywhere, or go on a course, or hire someone to manage your marketing, then Kill your Business.  Maybe even hand it over to someone who can make a success of your idea – and walk away so that you do not become a hindrance to success.

To Kill Your Business,  Give Up. Walk Away.  Remove all trace of your business on cyberspace.  Stop wasting time.  Give up on the excuses and the procrastination and just get a life – doing something else.  Time is short.  Make it Big or Go Home.  Market your Business or watch it die – but don’t let it be a slow death.

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