When your Marketing Sucks, Everyone Suffers

When your Marketing Sucks, Everyone Suffers

When your Marketing Sucks, Everyone Suffers

While marketing is primarily around the art of promotion and desire, its footprint touches many more areas of a brand that can mean a major impact if there is little or NO marketing.

Marketing which sucks may be the result of lazy marketing. It is a cursory mention occasionally on social media. It is depending on footfall only to provide customers. This may work in a busy high Street or Mall, but for 90% of businesses, who are not in these prime locations, marketing is everything. It is the life blood.

When marketing sucks, future products and innovation suffer. The business may be unwilling to put more resources into something the customer would welcome with open arms. This may be because the business feels they cannot afford it, or they just don’t realise the value.

Marketing may have failed, because the wrong methods were used, and those methods were too costly to maintain as they had a negative Return on Investment. If you have the opportunity to positively impact the customer’s life, why are the worse methods being used to get the message accross.

Customers would value real information, data and insight into your product or service. But the business is not sharing this information, or they are sharing it in an ineffective way. The brand behaves like they are top secret.  The consumer is denied the variety offered by your product or service, and in some cases NEVER even got to hear about it to make a decision on whether to buy or not to buy.

Competitors are then handed sales on a plate as they react to the businesses poor efforts and attract any potential customers.

Internally, the damage can be even worse. Poor sales, means less income for the business. Bills become more difficult to manage. Debts mount. Unwanted products are sent to landfills, recycled or sold off for pennies. Staff will not get paid, or will be fired. Marketing teams (if one existed) are fired, morale takes a hit, budgets are cut and stagnation replaces drive and future plans, with brands playing it safe and sticking with what they know, even if all that does is prolong their eventual failure. The business soon does not exist – and the owners move on to something new, or wallow in self pity. High Streets and Industrial Estates are full of empty buildings reflecting financial ruin, unrealised dreams and broken families whose hopes had rested on success.  There will be disappointment from existing customers that they can no longer get a product they liked.

So to summarise – Here is the list of sufferers. when marketing sucks.

  • The Business owner(s)
  • The Landlord
  • Investors
  • The Bank
  • The Staff
  • The Family of the owner
  • The Family of staff
  • The Consumer
  • Existing Customers

While that might seem a drastic scenario, we have seen it happen before and will no doubt see it happen again and again, as we continue to be sucked into the entrepreneur who is a non-marketer’s pitch and grasp. But it doesn’t need to be this way.

Marketing should be hard work – don’t be fooled into thinking otherwise. There are so many aspects to it that we draw a diagram just for your organisation. An independent look at your marketing mix as it stands now, and how it can be made 500% better is what Upwards Publishing, Marketing & Digital Solutions is about.

Marketing for us is a two-fold plan.

a) Increase Awareness. Provide Knowledge about a product or service.
b) Instill Desire to Buy.

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Inspired by Danny Brown

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