What we Offer?

Publishing, Marketing, Web Design, Social Media Campaigns and Event Promotion. We provide a personal service. You will not be shunted from pillar to post. For the time we work with you, YOUR project is our priority.

Faster Growth

Set Targets and we help you to Reach those Goals Faster. With new technologies at our disposal, in addition to traditional marketing methods, great changes can happen within a few days or weeks. Let us help you make a difference. Need a Buzz. We get you a buzz.

Business Ambitions

What are your Business Ambitions? Our Services help you to achieve them. You cannot afford to waste time, and lose out on the impact of new technologies. We dare you to dream - and make those dreams a reality, providing Guidance, Mentorship and Connections.

Marketing Mix

We offer - FREE Consultation to discuss your Marketing Mix. We get inside your head, research your competition, and produce a solution that will work for you. Not only that, we carry out the work required with our unique blend of digital solutions.

Contact Us

Thank you for visiting our site. Contact us to let us know what we can do to help you. A response will be made quickly, sometimes, within the hour. It costs nothing to get in touch, and we provide free consultations and quotes.

Businesses, Organisations & Sole Traders

Do you need to SELL SELL SELL? We provide a One Stop Shop for everything you need to be SEEN and HEARD. What can Upwards Publishing, Marketing & Digital Solutions do for You? Well check out the following:--- Website Design or Redesign - SEO - Publish information products in the form of books, ebooks and articles - Help you write your book- Write your book for you - Produce books or Ebooks or act as as ghost writer, co-writer research or technical assistance - Market third-party information products- Design and create websites. Create your website faster than you think possible. Assist you with your Marketing Online & Offline. Social Media Campaign for you, - Training in how to do your own Social Media Marketing - Advertise for retailers, business owners and authors - ECommerce Projects - Crowd Funding Projects - Classified Ads Submission - Training in Web Design - Training in Marketing- Graphic Design - Creation of your Logo, Business Cards - Brochures, Booklet or Magazine - Proof Reading - Editing of Websites, Books or Magazines - Database design offline or online - Business Finance. WE EXAMINE YOUR PRODUCTS OR SERVICES and create a bespoke marketing mix for you.

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