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Digital Marketing Services


Books & Ebooks
Blog Content, Editorial &
Research Services
Graphic Design, Websites,
Banners, Promotions


~ List Building, Email Sales
~ Surveys, Data Analysis

~ Increased Web Traffic,
Off Line Marketing


Business Services
Business Finance,
Advertising, Consultancy
Business Plans

Project Management
Social Media Campaigns






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Digital Marketing Services

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Increase Brand Awareness

There is no point having a website or web- presence if no one knows you are there.
We Will Send Real Genuine Visitors To your Website, Affiliate Link, Store,
YouTube Video, Facebook Fan Page or Twitter ID.


Any aspect of ebook and book publishing, from concept to writing, to research.
to editorial. to cover design. to formatting. to book launch, and ongoing marketing.

Expand your Social Media Following
Please note these are Real Human Followers who are choosing to follow you,
not Fake names. This process happens over a period of 10 days.
A gradual build up meets the rules of Facebook or Twitter.

Upwards Publishing offers Bespoke Solutions

We can suggest solutions outside the box.

Concept Exploration

Audience Reaction

Audience Results

Online Campaigns

Offline Campaigns

Increased Sales

Graphic Design

Brochures, Leaflets, Magazines

Content Writing



Content Management

Data Analysis

List Building

Social Media Campaigns

Real Traffic to your site


Crowd Funding Campaigns

Business Plans

Writing Services

Audience Research

Web Design


Email Marketing


Market Research

Focus Groups

Project Management








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